Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Romantic comedy, why?

Have you noticed how the end of every romantic comedy ends making you believe that everyone falls in love in the end somehow. 

Suddenly,  two characters in a fictional  movie is 'everyone'.

And you would think that considering you are the leading lady in your life this should be your ending too. 

The worst part is you can't even blame the storyteller. I mean he/she is showing you the whole picture, so many characters whose roles you will probably fit into..the colleague, the friend, the neighbor who even towards the end is still watching tv, eating popcorn or hooking up with yet another wrong guy which doesn't really show a conclusive end to her tale is still portrayed.. but  is obviously not the part you signed up for in YOUR life right? 

Yet, time and time again all you want to do on a depressing night is pop in a rom-com Dvd.


a) You repeatedly lead yourself to believe you are still mid-way through your story and your happy ending is coming soon ( this is clearly what the movie is trying to TELL you like duh :P) 
Chin up, happiness coming soon.

b) You are never going to find love, you may as well just admit that if it hasn't happened to you yet it never will. Something to help the tears flow easy.

c) Your soul mate is out there and you just need something to help remind you not to give up hope. 

d) Maybe you are just in the flashback of 2013 and need to remember who that one person is who you keep bumping into every other year who obviously is your soul mate. Wait, what about your middle school 'best friend'?  *gasp*

e) You need a sign to tell you to listen to your heart over your head.

f) Seriously. Are you still reading for reasons?

This list could keep going but perhaps its simple, the stories are happy and so so far from reality that maybe, just maybe once in a while a little dose of unrealistic serendipity is all we need to get us through the night. 

Any suggestions on what's new & good to watch? :) 


  1. The prime reason commercial cinema (romantic) ensures happy endings is that you leave the theatre happy, thinking abd oh yeah, dreaming!

  2. watch ''finding happiness'' just released movie, you might like it. Movies might end happily but not necessarily in real life.