Friday, September 10, 2010

The Truth about CATS and DOGS

My dog Teddy (as a pup) was extremely fond of cats! Unfortunately for him, the feeling wasn't mutual!
His favorite hang out was our hall window where he'd reach up and sight-see, standing on his hind paws and his head would move left right, scanning the entire place! The funniest thing was his paws would ache after a while and he'd get down, but his curiosity always got the better of him! Squirrels were a big attraction (chipmunks actually) and cats!
You see we lived in an apartment, luckily on the ground floor, and the neighbors on the side had a huge backyard with fruit trees and the squirrels would go up and down the coconut trees (I have to admit even I couldn't resist watching them sometimes) . The house behind our building had cats! Ample supply! And the mother cat seemed to think having litter after litter was her sole purpose in life!
When I'd take him out, Teddy's first task was to chase after the kittens who managed to climb the wall and look down on him scornfully while he wagged his tail, barked and tried his level best to jump up and sit beside them! (He failed miserably of course)
In due course of time this became a daily ritual and when the walls were lower and Teddy's snout was close enough to their paws he got a nice claw smack and his white snout fur would have dots of red. This would result in immediate retreat on his part and a little confusion I suppose as to why he was bleeding when he was just trying to say Hi! Perhaps he thought them rude even and pulled me in the opposite direction, his tail no longer wagging.
But then he'd soon see someone else he knew or just look up at me and his tail would start wagging again and he'd forget all about his bleeding snout! (There are certain things we really need to learn from dogs, this is definitely one of them)
So upon watching this Teddy-kitten daily affair I started to think about this and decided there has to be logic behind it and that was when it struck me!
Let me elaborate, now when a dog is feeling friendly and decides to show he really wants to be friends with you, he wags his tail, barks a friendly bark, lets his tongue out and displays his pearls with a lopsided grin!
Now a cat on the other hand perceives this as something he would do only when he is getting ready to attack someone! Because cats move their tails slowly only to caution the opponent (so imagine what they'd understand about a brisk wagging), and the hissing and showing of teeth is only when they are giving you the final warning!
So really they just misunderstand dogs! If only there was a way to explain this to them I'm sure cats and dogs could be best friends!!
I mean if only dogs knew that cats love to chase tails and play with thread and cats knew dogs love to fetch! Things could be a lot different! :):)

P.S : Teddy still has no feline friends, but I am not at all surprised considering the amount that tail of his wags!! ;)


  1. Well the sad thing is that, the backyard u were talking about is now a multi-storied apartment :(.

    Hats-Off to your ideas of trying to explain how stuffs work to cats and dogs. But some things are best the way it is i believe. If dogs are meant to chase cats, then so be it.

    When it came to teddy thou, Even I was afraid of it.[Maybe becoz i was a fridy cat :(]

    Abt ur writting, its so fluent... its like u r talking to me. Really good. Are u sure abt the bio tech thingy?? Coz i feel this is wat u need to do. You could end up as a columnist with the Guardian or Reuters u know!!

  2. ohh really its a bldg now :( and hehe yeah he was always more of a ladies man so its okay :)
    Glad you liked my writing, I'm very flattered by all the compliments!! Thank you :)